How to Mute Someone’s Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used to share stories and posts just like Facebook, but the complete functionality and appearance is different from it. Today Instagram is widely used across various platforms, and it can be used and operate very easily. This platform is also used to express feelings, views, reports etc. to the public. Sometimes, users are worried about muting a person or stories and posts related to a particular user for various reasons. Still, they thought that the process is very complex and needs various tough workarounds. Actually, you can mute or unmute the Instagram stories or posts that you want by following these under-followed instructions.

Pursue these guidelines to mute someone’s Instagram’s post or stories in a very effortless manner:

Muting a Person on the Instagram App

Sometimes, users want to mute a user but still want to continue messaging services. They can do so without informing the person whom you are muting. Users can unfollow or mute their co-workers very easily.

  • In the beginning, hit the Instagram app to launch over your Android or iOS device.
  • Then, go to the profile section of the user that you wish to unfollow.
  • Now, press the Following tab there located just nearby the uppermost section of his/her profile.
  • Next, a menu bar will appear, and then you have to hit the Mute tab.
  • After that, you have to tap the toggle bar situated just after the option Stories and Posts. However, you will not be able to view their feeds, stories and posts on your Instagram Feed and their respective Instagram Stories will be automatically hidden as default.
  • In case you wish to mute someone’s stories, then you have to press and hold the respective profile symbol just from the Instagram Stories row section situated at the uppermost section of the mobile application. It will help you to launch the menu tab.
  • Now, hit the Mute tab. From now onwards, all the posts and stories of the person will automatically be muted and hidden.
  • Once you wish to mute an Instagram user once you view his or her post on your Feed section, then you have to hit the menu tab parked just near the uppermost section of the respective image.
  • Next, you have to select the Mute tab directly from the menu section.
  • In case you wish to mute the user’s post only, then choose the option “Mute Posts.” If you desire to mute both the Stories and posts completely from your Feed, then choose the option “Mute Story and Posts” button.

Unmuting an Instagram User via Instagram App

In any time in future, if you willing or need to unmute the person and its related contents from your Feed, then you can do so by following these guidelines:

  • To mute a user, you have to hit the Following tab from his/her profile section.
  • After that, press the Menu tab and choose the option “Mute.”
  • Next, press the toggle bar located just after the “Stories” and “Posts” buttons to unmute the profile of a particular Instagram user.

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