How to Set Up And Use Google Docs Offline Mode

Working from home? Well, most of the people are doing that since the arrival of this epidemic situation of Coronavirus. As per the current scenario, almost all the organizations are promoting work from home mode to slow down the spread of Covid- 19. And when it comes to official working that means referring to Google Docs. We all know what capabilities Google Docs have. Google has become such a big platform now that it always keeps on providing some new features and applications to its users. Google Docs is also one of the great web-based applications provided by Google that allows its users to create, edit, and store their writing documents online.

 But, sometimes we all face this frustrating problem of terrible network connections that interrupts our work, and there are chances where we can lose our work. But now, no worries, because Google Docs now offers its users a feature that enables them to work on the offline mode as well. Because we all needed this, especially now when we are bound to do our official work from home. It’s possible that some of us do not have that good internet connection at our house. And working from home is much different than usually working from the workplace. This offline mode of Google Docs can ease your work and can solve your problem of interrupting the work due to a bad network connection.

The following article will let you know about this feature of the offline mode of Google Docs and will guide you the steps to set up and use this mode while working. Go through the full article to know more:

Steps to Setup Google Docs Offline Mode on Your PC

Google Docs is such a great text editor that it’s hard to get a much better text editor than this. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free. Now, you can do all those writing work like updating a resume, working on a paper, or writing an article and that too without any charges. Google Docs is the best and free alternative to Microsoft Office that anyone should have. It also provides more features than you can even realize, and it is also the first word processor that offers shared online document editing mode.

With Google Docs, it becomes incredibly easy for everyone to share the documents across platforms and enables them to work together on the shared document. It is easy to set up and use. You can easily use this text editor like you would use word documents. Now, let’s go ahead and find out how to set up its offline mode on your devices. Follow the steps mentioned below to set up Google Docs offline mode.

Note:- There’s a condition while working on Google Docs that it is supported only by Google Chrome’s web browser other than all other browsers like Safari, Firefox or any different browser. If you want to use this text editor, you should install Chrome in your device.

  • To set up the offline mode of Google Docs word processor application, the first thing that you need to do is install the browser of Google Chrome as this mode will only work in this web browser.
  • After installation of the browser, the next step that you need to follow is to sign in to your Google account. Because whatever you do in Google is directly linked to your Google account and when you are using doc, this is the first and foremost step to consider.
  • After signing into your Google Account, install Google Docs Offline Mode Extension. Installing this extension will enable you to work on the Google sheets, docs, and slides even when you don’t have an internet connection.  
  • Go through Google docs, sheets or slides as per your requirement, and Enable offline mode in the Google Docs. You can do this by clicking on the icon of three horizontal lines that are placed in the bottom left corner of your screen and toggle the button to enable the offline mode.

After enabling the offline mode, all your latest docs, sheets and slides will be stored on the offline mode as well that will allow the users to access their documents even when they have no internet connection. All your docs, slides and sheets will be automatically synced for after use in the absence of WI-FI connection. 

  • Once you toggle the button to enable offline mode, a notification box will appear on your screen stating the confirmation of activation and setting up of the offline mode successfully.

And you are all set. You can even save some specific essential files that you want to access on the offline mode manually just by clicking on the option of “Make Available Offline” in the files menu.

Setting up and using offline mode in the Google docs is not rocket science. Anyone can use this option just by following the steps that are described above. This amazing feature of Google Docs will make your work easier than ever for the times like when you get on a plane where you have to put your phone on the Airplane mode or when your internet goes down, and you still have to continue your work. This feature will not let your work remain painfully inaccessible. You can continue your work using the Google Docs and can always have access to all of your files even without the internet connection. It doesn’t matter how strong your internet connection is, we advise you all to enable this offline mode of Google Docs and do not let your work suffer.

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